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Going a little deeper...

    Ahh, to dive into the consciousness of Touga Kiryuu. What is this man really feeling, what is the thinking? Is he really as insensitive and trivial as he seems?
    He was in the begining. He did not care about the feelings of anyone. He would use people, he would cheat on girls, and he would lie... often. He was brash and inconsiderate, often saying things just to hurt the feelings of another soul. He was selfish and wanted everything for himself... everything and anything. And he usually got it, by underhanded means. But then... something changed. Something made him question his way of living and his whole reality.
    This something was just a girl. Utena Tenjou, the new student at Ohtori Academy. But why, what did she do? Well, for the first time ever, a girl rejected him. Utena did not want anything to do with Touga, and she made it a point to stay away from him. Oh, but he desired her. He wanted her for his own. It was a greed that had overtaken his life and caused him to decieve his best friend and Utena herself in order to take her for his own.
    He enjoyed the conflict of his peers. He liked seeing people suffer. When Nanami was doubting whether or not they were brother and sister, he left her guessing. He liked it that way. He made other girls jealous by cleaving to Nanami. He took great pleasure in being fought over, and made sure it happened often. And he got whatever he want always - except with Utena. Utena was the ONLY person he couldn't use, and that so disturbed him.
    But what was going through his head when he declared his love for Utena? It was true, no doubt, but was he just trying to protect her from Akio? Or did he really want to be with her forever? It seems to be more of the first. He probably realized that he could never have Utena, but in one last attempt tried to win her over once again. He did not want her to go through the pain and suffering that came along with the Revolution. He wanted to protect her... like a real prince. He wanted to be her prince as much as he could, even if she would not return his love.
    The Revolution has ended. It seems as if everyone has forgotten Utena. "Who was she, anyway?" rings through the halls of Ohtori. But chances are Touga remembered her. Maybe his mind, his consciousness, didn't quite remember her. But his heart and soul could never forget what had happened to him because of her. He was forever changed, even though he never could be her prince.