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Bio and Resume

Ikuhara Kunihiko, the director of Shoujo Kakumei Utena the TV series, got most of his fame at first from directing over 20 Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon episodes, and the R movie. If an episode was supposed to be serious, he would make the seriousness very intense. And if the episode was supposed to be light, he would make it downright goofy. Ikuhara was the man who probably broke the very simplistic style that was evident in early Sailormoon episodes. Before Sailormoon and Utena, Ikuhara worked on "Maple Town Monogatari" ('86), "Shin Maple Town Monogatari - Palm Town Hen" [New Maple Town Stories - Palm Town Chapter] ('87), "Toushou!! Ramen-Man" [Fighter General!! Ramen-Man] ('88), "Akuma-kun" [Devil-kun] ('89-'90), and "Mo-retsu Atarou (shin)" ('90).