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ATTENTION: I am looking for some artists and writers to contribute essays, fanart, fanfiction, or anything else concerning Touga to this website. You will be fully credited. PLEASE email me with contributions. THANKS!

This is a shrine to the very misunderstood character of the anime Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena), Touga Kiryuu. With his striking beauty, mesmerizing charm, he is readily loved. But because of his apparent non-existant morals, he is hated and easily written off as a jerk. This site will explore everything about Touga, including his life story, his deepness, and his animated character; among very many other things attributed to Mr. Kiryuu himself. And even if you don't care about his life, there are some pretty pictures for you to take home as souvenirs! *^^*

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