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10:58 PM 3/22/2002 - Added two cosplayer pictures and have attempted to solve the problem of bandwidth overuse. (I hope.)

12:43 AM 1/4/2002 - Added two FanArt images. Just got a revelation. I have a new cable modem, therefore I'm going to find some video clips of Touga and upload them onto the site. How does that sound?

10:17 PM 1/3/2002 - Kinda a half update. I'm almost at 10K visitors. *Blushes* You guys are awesome. It was brought to my attention that the image gallery had some broken links. Took care of those. Also have contacted some people about FanArt so be looking forward to that soon, and maybe a new page design? You never know with me! ^_-

1:00 PM 10/12/01 - design 3.0 is up! have fun everyone, and god bless america!

9:53 PM 9/30/01 - i know its been forever, but i was in europe for two weeks, and since then school has started and in the wake of the tradgedy in new york and washington, i haven't had much thoughts of the website. but, here it comes: last night i added about 30 more pictures to the picture gallery, there are two cosplayers added, a sound clip added to takehito's page, and a fan submission wallpaper. thanks for all your hits!

2:54 AM 7/2/01 - added buddy icons and desktop icons. on it's way: an essay from my friend kate concerning touga.

11:37 AM 6/4/01 - added 2 cosplayer pictures! :)

10:16 PM 4/5/01 - i finished it! i present to you: version 2! feedback appreciated!

7:59 PM 3/28/01 - not really an update, but a new version of dynamite is finally in the works! should be up by next weekend, if i'm lucky! thanks for all your support!

7:56 PM 2/22/01 - Added three pictures of Touga cosplayers from Katsucon! Go to "extra"!

6:53 PM 12/26/00 - Added some mp3's into "extra"!
3:20 PM 12/26/00 - Added a new wallpaper of C-Ko. Look under "Extra" for all the wallpapers!

2:57 PM 12/21/00 - Updates links page, and some other random upkeep. I hit 2000 visitors last week! Thank you all for your support!

12:09 PM 10/13/00 - Added lots more merchandise, check under 'Extra'. *^^*
1:05 PM 10/13/00 - Also added info on the creators of SKU

5:04 PM 8/4/00 - Movie Touga cosplayer picture added! From Otakon! :D

7/14/00 - Added another sound clip of Japanese Touga (Takehito-sama)! *^^*

7/13/00 - Added some pictures of the (hot) voice actors of Touga. *drools*

7/03/00 - 3 More cosplay pics. Good God, do any of you Touga-cosplayers wanna come over to my house?
Part 2 - 1 more Touga wallpaper!

7/02/00 - Added 7 new cosplay pictures, 5 from AnimeExpo, which is going on right now!
Part 2 - Did some stuff on my 'about me' page... lolol mainly a better picture! *^^*

6/29/00 - Added new wallpaper! Thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook! :D

6/22/00 - Uploaded page! Wai!