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Touga Kiryuu's Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) is Koyasu Takehito. He is a member of the singing group Weiss, and has had many voice action rolls. This is a mini-list of some of his rolls, and is by no mean a complete list. (*Download an MP3 of Koyasu Takehito singing!*)

Angel SanctuaryKira Sakuya
Cowboy BebopBull
Dirty Pair FlashGabusu
DNA^2Sugashita Ryuuji
Evangelion Aoba Shigeru
Fushigi YuugiHotohori
Gundam Wing Zechs Merquise
Hime-chan no Ribbon Arisaka Sei
Mahou Tsukai Tai! Aburatsubo Ayanojou
NazcaTate Masanari/Yawaru
Ranma 1/2 Daisuke
Saber Marionette J Hanagata
SlayersRezo/Copy Rezo
Tenchi Muyo!Yosyo
Wedding PeachSandra
Weiss KruezFujimiya Aya
Yuuyuu Hakusho Kido

Picture source: White Trash.

Touga Kiryuu's English voice actor is Crispan Freeman He is very popular on the American anime convention circuit. He has his own website here. Here is a list of Crispan Freeman's rolls in anime (this list is complete, as far as I know).

SlayersZelgadis Graywords
SlayersPrince Hallas
The Irresponsible Captain TylorCaptain Tylor
Record of Lodoss WarSpark and Grassrunner Maar
Shamanic PrincessKagetsu
Grave of the FirefliesMisc. Doctors

Picture source: A Fan's View.

Sound Clips (wav format)
Elevator Speech
Something involving 'baby'
"You've lit the fire in my heart"
"How did I get such an adoring sister?"
"Is this the power of Dios?!"

Ikuhara Kunihiko, the director of Shoujo Kakumei Utena the TV series, got most of his fame at first from directing over 20 Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon episodes, and the R movie. If an episode was supposed to be serious, he would make the seriousness very intense. And if the episode was supposed to be light, he would make it downright goofy. Ikuhara was the man who probably broke the very simplistic style that was evident in early Sailormoon episodes. Before Sailormoon and Utena, Ikuhara worked on "Maple Town Monogatari" ('86), "Shin Maple Town Monogatari - Palm Town Hen" [New Maple Town Stories - Palm Town Chapter] ('87), "Toushou!! Ramen-Man" [Fighter General!! Ramen-Man] ('88), "Akuma-kun" [Devil-kun] ('89-'90), and "Mo-retsu Atarou (shin)" ('90).

Chiho Saito is one of the most popular shoujo manga artist in Japan. Ms. Saito is best-known as the manga artist and original character designer for Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Her first published manga was Lady and Sword, by Coronet Magazine in 1982. She also got her first serial in Shogakukan's Weekly Shojo Comic. Mr. Ikuhara was so moved by her work that he literally begged her to join his groups BePapas and the rest is history. The popular series Shoujo Kakumei Utena first appeared as a serial in Ciao, which is published by Shogakukan. Her past and current manga works include India Prince, Marionette, Purple Flower, Magnolia Waltz, Swan Waltz, and Lady Masquerade.