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Version 1.0

If you are here, you are probably wondering for what reason I made a Touga shrine. It's actually quite simple. When I first began watching the series of Utena, I really hated Touga. I was repulsed by him! I could not stand his guts and I thought that he was a user, and a liar, etc. But then, I read translations for the rest of the Utena series (I wouldn't recommend doing it, it ruins the story), and I saw his character at the end of the series, and I fell in love! He was so sweet and vulnerable... like a kitty! So then I realized how hot he was for an animatated character, and I started accumulating Touga pictures and other misc. items for my computer. Then I decided that I might as well share my information and my gallery of pictures with the world, and well, here it is! Also, I guess I got kind of sick of my other page, so I needed a new project for the summer. So, here it is! Begun on June 18th, 2000, and completed June 23, 2000, I present to you, Dynamite! (FYI: the name comes from a SMAP song, and it reminded me of Touga. Plus, I was listening to the song when I got the idea! :D)

Version 2.0

Version 2, started March 28, 2001, was inspired by pure boredom. It uses frames again, because I had not been able to think of how to put this site any other way. Lot's of things were added to the site on this revamp, and at this point I can say I am truly proud of this site and think it is one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive sites on the internet about Touga Kiryuu.

Version 3.0

This is Version 3, which I started October 10, 2001. There are many reasons I started this. First is because it's been almost 6 months since I've changed it. Secondly, I've gotten a ton of hits since March (approx. 4500+). Thirdly, I just got out my wisdom teeth so I can't drive or do anything for a few days. Lastly, I figured that I needed something to keep my mind off all the terrorism and things that are going on. Hope you enjoy this!